CX Day is October 5th and we are looking for the #bestCXever!
How are you celebrating Customer Experience Day? Enter our sweepstakes to have a chance to win 50USD!

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Beware! Scams are circulating around and pretending to be BARE, including fraudulent prepayment checks, letters via mail, and email scams. All evaluators for BARE International must be registered and would never receive prepayment for services. Payments are via Tipalti, Western Union, PayPal or bank transfer; Cashier Checks appearing to come from BARE are a sign of a scam. All legitimate BARE International emails end with Thank you for alerting us to any possible scam so we can take action immediately!

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Building a connection with existing customers is just as integral to any marketing strategy as winning new ones, but how do we turn customers into spokespeople for our brands?. BARE shares an article by Peggy de Lange for B&T on nurturing online customers and building brand loyalty.

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For years now, traditional retail stores have been under attack. Consumers love the convenience and selection of shopping online, leaving brick-and-mortar stores to be dubbed a dying breed. But smart brick-and-mortar stores are undergoing a major transformation to keep up with the times.  Read more

The race to own customer experience is on! Customer experience research (CXR) is the process of collecting data regarding the experience customers have with a company. As straightforward as it may sound, CXR is a complex equation that goes as deep as the data will allow.

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Los aviones han recorrido un largo camino desde que los hermanos Wright volaron por primera vez en Kitty Hawk. Sin embargo, a pesar de las ventajas de los viajes aéreos, el servicio al cliente es una de las áreas donde las aerolíneas dañan rápidamente su reputación. Read more

Is your organization meeting its customer service objectives? No matter the industry you’re in, successful businesses need the right tools to operate properly. BARE International’s mystery evaluators provide an unbiased perspective of how well an organization is truly performing on the front line. Read more

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If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?

“I’d be a bird, to be able to fly”, that was Sylvain’s answer, one of our evaluators and the first person that BARE has ever sponsored.

But he is not the typical person that you might see in a 9 to 5 job; he’s a photographer, a traveler, and motocross rider in his free time. Read more

When Marketing and Customer Services produces satisfied clients, business booms. Having the possibility of analyzing customer experience and preferences in regard to specific criteria, within your company and your competitors as well, can act as the catalyst for motivating an enterprise to reach increasing levels of performance.

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