If you have these 10 clothes you will always be splendid and glamorous. They transcend in time and fashion. And they will serve you for all sorts of occasions. When you do not know what to wear and you have already turned all your wardrobe uses these items and you will not fail.


Black dress

shutterstock_275919956It’s a must-have. It is formal, chic, mysterious, reserved and provocative at the same time. You can not fail with this garment. Being so simple gives you that touch of beauty without effort. Black makes you look sophisticated and thinner. You can carry a necklace in the wallet to raise or lower the level of elegance according to the environment.

White classic shirt ‘man style’

Impolute, simple and practical.It is super versatile, You can wear it with jeans, black pants, long skirt or suit. A touch of masculinity that demonstrates our revolution. Make sure that it is at hip height so you can carry it in or out of the skirt or pants.


This bag will be your wild card. It is not very economical but it is worth it and will shelter you in the winter. It comes with everything: jeans, skirts, pants and can not miss in the closet of a modern woman.

Classic waterproof coat

It rains, it gets cold. How not to lose the style?shutterstock_77859970
This raincoat will sit great and give you that mysterious touch of the detectives. Wear some heels and you’re already a femme fatale.


Do not think any more, jean always looks good. Practical, simple and versatile.Choose the size and cut suitable for your figure. They are perfect for a casual and semi formal look.They can highlight a garment and make it look exclusive, as it can dull and look relaxed.

Classic watch for ‘men’

shutterstock_407554348It will draw attention on your wrist because of its size and being classic will always work well. Men’s watches do not go out of style like women’s watches. Better invest in them, with one is fine.

Jean jacket

A jean jacket is basic. You can combine it with jeans, skirts and dresses. They give a touch of programmed informality to your outfits. 

Flat shoes

You can not go to the park with heels. Take a break. shutterstock_215646358Flat black ballet shoes will be practical for
All kinds of occasion. When you spend all day shopping and your day ends in a nightclub you will appreciate not having put on heels.

A pair of high-heeled shoes

You put what you wear with high heels you will be a goddess. This type of shoe stylizes your figure. Avoid comparing with corduroy, patent leather or any other material that is easily aged.

A good portfolio

Women do not leave without a wallet. There is always something that leads:shutterstock_434199571 Keys, makeup, telephone. Make sure you have a quality black leather bag. Invest in it that lasts years and will always make you look good.

Do you dare to evaluate the attention in fashion stores?

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