3 Reasons Why We Lie

Well, of course, we at Bare International – and everyone else who does not work here – do not think lying is a good thing or a virtuous way of life; In fact, one can get into very serious problems,


In case you knowingly lie (you can go to jail for lying in a court of law, for example). So lying is not good usually but … we’re all so good at it!

From children we are taught – appropriately of course – that lying is unequivocally a “bad thing”, discredited at all levels by all parents / teachers worthy of their title. But here’s the problem: sometimes it can be used for good, and I’m not talking about the little lies that occur every day (“how delicious!”), Or the big ones (“never reached the moon”) , But rather a kind of lie that can help improve the situation of all involved.
You do not believe me? Let me convince you…

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shutterstock_369099806-copy2For the uninitiated, theMysterious Evaluations May seem a little clandestine, black market; A situation in which the trusted personnel are deceived by efficient auditors with spreadsheets, dressed in beige gabardines and dark glasses. That is only partially true (they do not actually carry a spreadsheet, although the “I Am Spy” suit is optional); Certainly, our customers’ employees are never cheated or misled, and there is no danger of immediate negative repercussions.

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Of course, humans are not the only animals that lie: a few years ago Koko the gorilla (acclaimed for having a vocabulary of more than 1,000 signs) asked a kitten to have a pet. Like many, Koko likes to take credit for his good behavior and blame others for his bad deeds. After plucking a sink from the wall of his room, his caretakers asked him what happened.

Koko afirmó, “The cat did it.”

Putting aside any ethical concerns, the truth is that when you do a mysterious evaluation you inherently do not tell the whole truth, and this is good for everyone: good for us (the company on whose behalf you are Mystery Evaluator); Good for the market (as it keeps the ecosystem strong); Good for the store (offers useful analysis with which you can improve yourself and your staff); Good for the customer (staff and shop of better quality mean a commercial and service improvement); And, of course, good for you (you put the chest to make a little more interesting your end of month that would otherwise be predictable)!

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Whether it is a direct payment for the visit or as a refund, you will be able to accumulate extra money at the end of the month. That means you are able to increase your income by taking a test drive for one of our auto projects, and at the same time picking up a new pair of shoes for free (the amount you paid can be remunerated). Do you feel like enjoying a hotel stay? Be my guest. There is nothing that resembles walking through the lobby door and giving a false name to the front desk; And who does not like to know that they succeeded with a simple lie (most people are better in this art than they would like: in a 10 minute conversation with a stranger, humans will say an average of 3 lies, Nevertheless the majority rarely realizes that it is doing).

The point I want to make is that you do not need to be Lance Armstrong, to be one of our mysterious evaluators. It’s a simple job, and it can be done easily as well. What’s more, you should not pay for the privilege of being a mysterious evaluator, and you should never.
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In short: we will pay you for each friend you recommend, and the strawberry cake is that it will not affect you negatively – many of our projects have a mandatory period of “cooling” between shops, so even if you wanted to carry out visits Every week, there is no guarantee that you would be able to do it. Recommending someone you know is the easiest way to maintain a healthy cycle, which means that even when you are not able to make a store, your friend will be.

Therefore, to conclude: there are times when not telling the truth is a good thing. Lying to help another person or your business is and should be perceived as good, while lying meaningless – or actually hurting others – is of course wrong. The thing to remember is that, if done correctly, the Mysterious Evaluations reveal endless benefits for businesses, and that this ends up being a benefit to all of us as customers.

Apologies for the cliché of the title, although I suppose it could even be considered a kind of white lie: yes I have aroused your curiosity a little, now we have both been benefited – you have learned a little about something that (presumably) did not know much , And I spread the word. We can not say that we do not practice what we preach. I mean, would I lie to you?

Author: Richard

Richard is a true community builder: he participates in various activities within the office, helps charities and has a film and screenwriting degree. He is a “creative” person, interested in telling stories, making connections and helping to generate ideas. An avid reader, passionate about games, food (do not feed him after midnight) and history. Richard has plans for the future, and you reading this phrase are part of them.

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