The 10 Most Consumed Pizzas in the World

Pizza is the food of the Gods. Its origin is related to the appearance of bread, in ancient Greece, which was accompanied by herbs, spices and cheese. A meal without frontiers based in Naples, Italy.


Wherever you go you will find somewhere where you can enjoy a delicious pizza. But, do you know which varieties we consume the most?

1. Cheese and pepperoni

Pepperoni – also known as salami or salami in several countries – with its spicy touch melts with cheese and generates a combination difficult to overcome.

2. Ham and hearts of palm 

Extraordinary combination and one of the most frequent uses of heart of palm.

3. Daisy flower:

Typical Italian pizza, it carries the colors of its flag represented by the tomato, the basil and the muzzarella.


4. Hawaiian:

Bittersweet, with pineapple, ham and cheese. A tropical taste for your palate.

5. Chicken:

Not suitable for vegetarians but delicious. Barbecue sauce exquisitely accompanies chicken.


6. Ham and bacon:

The baked golden bacon with the ham, is irresistible double but very caloric.

7. Neapolitan:

Similar to the Margarita but changes the presentation of the ingredients, and they appear the garlic, the anchovies and the capers.

8. Pizza 4 cheeses:

If you love cheese you will not be able to resist a balanced combination of four of its varieties: mozzarella, blue cheese, parmesan, provolone. You can replace it with the cheeses of your region.

9. Egg and bacon:

Although it sounds like American breakfast is one of the most consumed pizzas worldwide.


10. Smoked salmon and cream cheese:

It closes the ranking one of the most sophisticated pizzas. Do not bring tomato sauce if not cream cheese. The smoky touch delights your palate.

Exposed this list I can not resist no more. I need a pizza now!

Do you dare to evaluate the attention that you receive in the pizzerias?

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