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4 Rules to Teach You to Drive a Car

I’m sure everyone remembers the first time they sat in front of a steering wheel, started the engine, and made their first “steps” with the car … It may have been easy or really difficult to learn to drive:

3 Reasons Why We Lie

Well, of course, we at Bare International – and everyone else who does not work here – do not think lying is a good thing or a virtuous way of life; In fact, one can get into very serious problems,

When to buy becomes a mystery

Many of us have already had the experience of going out shopping for “some” little things and ending up with half of our empty bank account. But did you know that there are some companies that pay you to go

What are the 10 most popular ice cream tastes?

HE-LA-DO, My mouth is watering just thinking about him. A summer without ice cream is not summer. Did you ever wonder where he came from? Who invented it? What are the tastes we consume the most?

Employees first, Customer after

Wow, is not that a somewhat radical thought coming from an employee of a market research company, who is entirely dedicated to improving the customer experience? Maybe not.