It’s a fun job … What more can I ask for?

We inaugurate a new section in which our EVALUATORS are the protagonists. Meet your peers, learn from them, feel part of this great team.

Our first interviewee was Veronica from Mexico City.

How did you meet BARE?

Looking at network companies Mystery Shopper I came across the best of them all.

What was your first visit? How did you feel?

My first visit was to a pizzeria and I felt very excited and at the same time somewhat nervous.

What do you most enjoy working with BARE?

Knowing that I belong to a company so large, that is in many parts of the world and also this job allows you to work from home is great. Evaluating customer service in an unknown manner is a fun job and if, in addition, you have a fairly good financial reward, what more can I ask for?

How important do you think customer service is?

For me customer service has always been essential. The customer is the core of all business, without them there would be no business and an excellent service creates loyalty to it, so if you give an excellent service you will not only keep that customer but add more to your list.

Has the way you bought changed?

If you have changed, you will inadvertently become more observant and wherever you go you are evaluating the service even if it is not an unknown visit but a personal purchase.

What advice would you give to a new evaluator?

The advice I would give you is to prepare very well before the visit, even if you have already had the same project, to always read your manuals to refresh your ideas and that each visit is as if it were the first. They take their work seriously and upload their reports in time and form, this will make them better evaluated day by day. And above all they are professionals since it is a fun job but I work at last and we must give our client a detailed and objective report and this affects the employees who are being evaluated without their knowledge.

Do you feel like being part of our team of evaluators?

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