4 Rules to Teach You to Drive a Car

I’m sure everyone remembers the first time they sat in front of a steering wheel, started the engine, and made their first “steps” with the car … It may have been easy or really difficult to learn to drive:


Your father or an instructor was with you. Probably still one of the most exciting experiences of your teenage years. It really feels great to be able to move something so big.

All first impressions are important. Like everything we learn in our lives, bad experiences can ruin everything – so we must be careful. I would like to share some ideas that have helped me, tips for those who do not yet have their driver’s license.

  1. Do not think about money

Unfortunately it will be costly whether you are very good at it or not. Do not choose the cheapest driving school unless you know they are really good at teaching. It’s best when you do not have to base your decision on your economy.

  1. The rules – tomatoes seriously

Traffic and laws go about human life. Our lives. So do not be lazy, learn all the rules in detail.

  1. The instructor

Basically your experience with the instructor will define your relationship with the management experience itself. Just like in school – when you really do not like a subject (eg math), it can happen because the teacher is not good, or you do not like them. So you should choose your instructor carefully – it is best not to rush. And do not be afraid to ask another instructor if you do not feel comfortable with the one you have touched.

  1. Patience

When you find your instructor, he / she will know what to do. Trust them! And more importantly, he trusts you. Finally you will learn to drive. Be patient, and listen to your instructor, do not teach unnecessary things. Do not be afraid to ask: understanding is the key to life, and when it comes to driving in traffic, you need to know how you can solve the situations that arise.

And the most important thing to finish: relax! Finally, driving is synonymous with freedom, do not you think?

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Adrienne is a guest blogger for BARE International. He is interested in many things: from playing instruments and riding horses, to reading old texts in their native languages. Basically, she never gets bored.

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