We reveal the Mystery


What is being a mysterious Evaluator?

It is to be the engine of our company, is to audit the stores of the big brands with a spark of adrenalin And in exchange for a pay.

The mysterious evaluator alias client incognito, hidden customer or mystery shopper, helps to improve the quality of the service experience.

Why is incognito?

We want to know how the real customer experience is. If the employees know who the evaluator gives them extra attention.

Who asks for the audit?

The companies themselves want to improve the service they provide to their customers in their stores. Through the visits they evaluate theQuality, service and attention.

What’s the score?

With your evaluations, brands discover what changes they need to make in order to reach theexcellence In consumer service.

Because you?

You have a little free time, you want to earn extra money, you want to have fun and appreciate the good service.

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