Changing work is never easy but it is not impossible


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You hear me say:

  • I do not have time to look for a new job, go to interviews … Who will pay my bills while I do not work?

Job search can be a difficult time in your life. Browse the portals, adjust your CV, go to interviews, etc. You should not forget that you have the power to organize your day and that finding extra sources of income has never been easier. We live in the age of online sharing. You can share your car, or better yet become a Uber driver. If you speak a language very well or know your city very well you can teach or offer as a guide for tours! It will take you just a couple of clicks to post an advertisement online.

shutterstock_312355676Do you love to go shopping? Is it important for you how you are treated? Then maybe you want to become a Mysterious evaluator. You only have to register in the database of
Undercover customer companies And look at what projects are in your area. You can choose when, where and how often to make mysterious visits. You go shopping anyway, do not you?

If you become a mysterious evaluator:

  • You spend more time moving, which is a lot more fun than sitting in the office looking at the same walls for months.
  • You meet new people. You will be able to meet sales agents and get lots of information about the techniques they employ. In turn you will be in touch with the employees of the Mystery Appraisers companies. A little networking is never wrong, especially if you consider that companies usually end up hiring the best evaluators to work within them.
  • You put your conversational skills into practice. You probably do not have experience as an undercover agent. Be evaluador encubierto Is full of surprises. Sometimes you have to improvise to get out of unexpected situations. Your identity can never be revealed. Enjoy the adrenaline and become the best agent in town!
  • You learn about premium brands, help improve customer service standards, and get paid. This is especially interesting if you want to work in the future in marketing or sales.

No one can promise you that this type of income will compensate for the loss of a full salary, but if it is fun and that may be enough to help you a couple of months until you find a job in which Mondays are also a good day. Google is your friend, explore opportunities.
Life is too short to do something you do not like. 

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Szintia works for Bare International. He has a master’s degree in Strategic Management in Human Resources. Apart from his work in the team social networking and recruiting, he loves sports and traveling. She is a couchsurfer and is currently learning her sixth language.

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