How to buy a new car? Let us help you.

Buying a car can become more expensive if you are not careful. So to avoid losing a lot of money, it is interesting to prepare correctly.

What type of car: new or second-hand?


The first decision you must make is if you want a really new car, or if you are more interested in one that has already been used. In the first case, the main advantage is that the vehicle will shine and you will not run with risks of misuse of former owners – while with a second hand, the main benefit will be its low cost. There may be cars that have been used for a short time by a dealer, or for an indefinite time by private owners or companies.

As developing all the pros and cons of this subdivision would take me a lot of time and lines, I’m going to focus on the first category. What should we keep in mind when buying a car first hand?

Find the best time to buy

No matter which month you decide to visit a dealership, the seller will always offer you some extra to convince you of the purchase. However, do not fall so fast, they are only offering you a little bait. The best time to buy will be influenced by different factors, such as the end of the financial year or the departure of a new model, as they offer greater discounts to meet their objectives or get rid of old models. It pays to be attentive to these periods. Another moment of the year worth paying attention to is when car fairs are organized, this brings us to the next point.

Visit an auto show

Visiting a fair will not only give you the opportunity to discover great discounts offered by different brands, the variety of cars will give you new ideas and you will see the latest offers. There is the possibility that you find a model that you had not taken into account. Otherwise, you will find at least new design and technology that you would like to have in your next car.

Visit a dealer

AWhile each brand offers a national discount rate, this does not mean that it is actually the lowest price. Local dealers can usually offer an extra discount. Speaks With sales advisors; notice That they can offer you, and listen to their recommendations (obviously it is your decision if you really need those recommendations). In turn, when you are interested in a particular car, ask if you can try it. Acquiring a good of that magnitude does not have to be a purely rational decision, you can also see what feelings provoke you. Appearance and price play their part, but to be your perfect match, your ultimate achievement, you should really put a smile on your face – even after a long day in the office or when you’re trying to survive the headache of the night before.

Make mysterious evaluations

I definitely want to recommend that you make some mysterious visits.

Buying a new car is not something that one does frequently, so performing some mysterious visits can make you lose your pace. (+ Will put some extra money in your bank account, which is not bad either). And speaking of the subject,  BARE International Offers several visits to different dealers, with a good variety of scenarios. You can:

  • Visiting a dealership I have tried to get the best possible price for a specific model.  
  • Ask the sales consultant during the visit if that type of car can be sold to you as new or pre-used only.
  • Observe the attention you receive at your local dealership when you ask for a certain model. (And maybe get to try the car of your dreams).  
  • Call / write / chat with customer service, asking for more information on automotive technical terms, engine type, warranty, etc..
  • Call a dealer and evaluate the care you receive when scheduling a service.
  • Check how fast you are contacted when you request a test drive online.
  • …. ( Continue, new scenarios appear frequently)

Final Recommendations

So when you plan to buy a new car, make sure you do it right: investigate where you’ll get the best out of your budget. Open your possibilities and stay informed by checking the websites of all the brands of cars you know; Or, easier, try to visit a fair. Visit the dealer in your neighborhood, or – even better – dealers of different brands. Find out what each one has to offer, and do not be afraid to share this information with the competition sales consultant. If they realize that you have been researching, they may try to improve your offer.

And if, the practice makes the master: if you are looking for extra money to be able to have satellite navigation or those new accessories installed in your car, or you want to know what CVT means, what type of engine should you choose, or what is the average discount you can Receive at a dealership, then keep an eye out for your Job board And applies to concessionaire visits.

Now that you know everything, I only have one recommendation: Have fun!

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Davy works in the Antwerp office of BARE International. He has a postgraduate degree in Plurilingual Communication, and works very well in 5 languages. At work, his work focuses mostly on cars and speakers WIFI – fanatic about the same in his personal life – apart from other hobbies such as traveling, cooking, riding a bike and playing football.

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