The 10 Benefits of Coffee


You’ve wondered how you’d survive a day without coffee. Without that rich aroma that comes out of the kitchen in the morning and brings you a smile. Where would you draw the energy to keep your eyes open?

Coffee is the second most consumed drink in the world, after water. Black, with milk, cappuccino; Alone, with sugar or sweetener, each has its own preference. Even if you do not consume it you can not deny that its aroma is extremely attractive.

Can you imagine your life without coffee? Without caffeine. Coffee gives you the energy you need to work.

According to the journalist Vanesa LopezThis ancestral drink brings several benefits:

1) Helps prevent traffic accidents

One of the most frequent causes of traffic accidents is drowsiness.

2) Fight cellulite

It is used as an active compound in creams since caffeine reactivates the circulation.  

3) Is protective

Stimulates the growth and activity of bacteria beneficial to the intestinal flora. It has a prebiotic effect.

4) It wakes you up!

Impossible to go out in the mornings of your house without a coffee. Thanks to caffeine, which stimulates the central nervous system, we wake up and are more alert.

5) Es rico en antioxidantes

Coffee acts as an antioxidant, prevents or delays the oxidation of cells. It is in 6th place among the 50 foods and beverages that are a source of antioxidantes”.

6) It is a skin exfoliant

Thanks to its texture can be used as a scrub for the skin, giving it in turn more firmness and toning.

7) Is digestive

We often conclude a lunch or dinner having coffee. It has faculties that stimulate gastric secretion.

8) Maintains cognitive function in the elderly

Due to its ability to stimulate the central nervous system.  “ Cognitive impairment is reduced by half in people who had the habit of regularly drinking three cups of coffee a day.”

9) Conceal dark circles

It is used as a component in creams to reduce dark circles. Decongestens and activates circulation.

10)Improves sports performance

It gives us energy, it gives us more desire to exercise. “It increases the ability to perform muscular work, especially for long-lasting performance”.

What do you expect to have a rich cup of coffee? Café Colombiano, Costa Rican, Brazilian … The variety is infinite, look for your favorite. If you do not have a good coffee maker in your house go to a store in your neighborhood, where, in addition to a delicious cup of coffee, you get the attention you deserve. Read the newspaper and look at the city..

Coffee shop

Do you want to evaluate the attention you receive at coffee shops?

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