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It is everyone’s dream to get the best grade – in school, at work, and of course as a mystery shopper. Do you think your grades are too low? Would you like to know what you can do to raise them? There might be several reasons for receiving low grades, but the below advice might help you receive a higher one next time.

We already shared some good advice on what type of proofs of visit to upload, which you can read here. Now, let’s have a look at what else you might want to pay attention to when filling out a report.

Make sure the date is correct.

Did you write the correct year? Especially in January, it is common to still select the previous year, as we need to get used to writing ‘2020’ instead of ‘2019’. Also, it’s always a good idea to make really sure the shop date you selected is correct. It sometimes happens that our Data Quality team comes across submitted reports with a shop date that is yet to come.

Try to use a spell check.

The decision whether or not to use a spell check, or at least to go through your comments once before submitting, might make a big difference in your final score. Ideally, spelling and grammar need to be correct. Style is less important.

Always write your comments in the past tense, using the first person (I, me, my, mine) and full sentences.

A comment such as, “Mystery shopper goes to store and speaks to salesperson” actually ignores all of the above three tips.

If there are instructions linked to a commentbox do follow them.

We understand that they might be easily overlooked when you’re in the flow of filling out your questionnaire and just want to get it over with. However, please note that our client might need specific information from you and that you might need to provide more than just an overall impression of your experience.

Submit your report in time.

When you fail to send the report in time, or when, following a request from our Data Quality team, you wait several days before re-submitting, your grade might drop as well. Timely assignments have a higher chance of getting a top grade than late ones.

Always read through your report before submitting it.

You have a much higher chance of discovering your own mistakes (before the Data Quality team does!) if only you read through your answers and comments once. It’s just a bit of extra work, but it usually pays off well with a splendid grade.


Of course, we know that some of the above tips, such as spelling and grammar, need practice. Others though are easily implemented. Don’t hesitate to follow our advice and who knows? Your next grade might be a glorious 10!

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