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Is your organization meeting its customer service objectives? No matter the industry you’re in, successful businesses need the right tools to operate properly. BARE International’s mystery evaluators provide an unbiased perspective of how well an organization is truly performing on the front line.

BARE International’s Mystery Shopping services utilizes the most critical, yet beneficial asset you have – customers. Our mystery evaluators (or shoppers) assume the role of a customer and conducts evaluations based on the agreed criteria.


Using calls, clicks or visits our global workforce of evaluators follow predefined scenarios. Evaluators record their experience at various touch points throughout the customer journey. Photos and videos can also be collected to visually record an evaluator’s experience interacting with your brand.


A typical project involves the evaluation of one of your businesses through in-person visits, telephone calls, web-based inquiries, or other means by serving as a typical customer/guest. Typically, the evaluator provides his/her objective feedback about the service provided and overall customer experience. Information may be gathered around knowledge of products and services, the location’s overall cleanliness and condition and product availability.

Each project is different because BARE International’s clients all have different needs, and BARE International designs unique programs to meet them. When given a specific project, the evaluator receives a briefing on that particular client’s goals and objectives, including any special requirements the client has communicated to us.


Mystery customer research from BARE International increases revenue, customer loyalty and employee performance. Your research results are available for immediate access through desktop or mobile using a branded, customized dashboard featuring your choice of deliverables.

Our customer experience research can provide you with critical data to make meaningful business decisions. Using Business Intelligence, we help you understand the data given to you through collection, analysis, presentation and dissemination of business information.  BARE (BI) powers smarter, more informed business decisions for your company.

Analysis can be done at a global level and/or at a regional level to compare results between regions, countries, store types, chains, or scenarios. Business intelligence analysis can identify the evolution of results over time. BARE’s BI reports are comprehensive presentations of insights and conclusions derived from your data.


Mystery shopping is one must-have tool that effectively determines strengths and weaknesses in many areas. Leverage BARE International’s 30 years of experience that has taken this tried and true method to new levels to evaluate your customers’ experiences.

Get in touch for a no-obligation, complimentary evaluation of your business! We listen to you in order to provide custom research programs to address your most pressing challenges. We look forward to hearing from you.

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