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BARE International honored as ‘Best Mystery Shopper Jobs and Companies to Work For’

BARE shares an article by Trinity Owen for DollarSprout on mystery shopping.

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Study shows that consumers (still) love a face-to-face purchase

BARE International recently completed a survey that proves face-to-face service is still vital for vehicle or clothing purchases. The surprise results, however, was within the financial sector, which went through a strong digital transformation.

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How to Nurture Online Customers

Building a connection with existing customers is just as integral to any marketing strategy as winning new ones, but how do we turn customers into spokespeople for our brands?. BARE shares an article by Peggy de Lange for B&T on nurturing online customers and building brand loyalty.

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Home and design

‘With an unprecedented amount of time spent in their domestic spaces, Americans also began shopping to redecorate them.’ BARE shares an article by Elizabeth Fazzare for Forbes with data on rising home and design shopping trends.

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‘Even in the midst of a global pandemic, there is one thing that’s for sure: people still want to be treated well. This concept is at the core of customer experience — the simple idea of people wanting to feel seen, known, and appreciated by the companies they’re buying from.’ BARE shares an article by Daniel Newman for Forbes on how ‘CX will be the key brand differentiator by the end of 2020 – even more than price or product quality.’

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‘Many travel habits will morph as tourism slowly returns. But across all the trends experts point to, the one constant is the “p” word: Privacy. Have we all become semi-recluses through quarantine?’ BARE shares an article by Tamara Thiessen for Forbes about the upcoming changes for hotel stays and luxury travel.

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As a global company, we have been closely monitoring and actively handling the situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic since late January, when our BARE China office was impacted. While the world continues to work through the unknowns together, we remain open and available to consult on various topics related to business needs and progression from our known and current expertise. 

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CX and Covid-19

As new cases of COVID-19 continue to emerge daily, most organizations are shifting to remote working, leading to major communication gaps between individuals, teams – and most importantly – customers. Read more

Digital Capture Research

You should always be observing and learning from your customers even in the digital world: Their habits, behavior, and feedback all measure the strength of your company’s relationship with its customers. If you’re not watching your customers, your competition is. Read more

Humanizing the Customer Experience

The modern customer is often on the go, seeks instant support, and wants a seamless experience. While such demands may be met through advanced technologies, the human touch remains essential. Customers expect digital customer experiences (CX) by businesses not only integrated but also more advanced and secured. To avoid falling behind your competitors in the fast-moving experience economy, it’s critical you are able to humanize your customer experience also. Read more

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