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Uncovering the Benefits of Being a Mystery Shopper

Are you looking for a fun and rewarding way to earn some extra money? Have you ever considered becoming a mystery shopper? Continue reading this blog to learn more about this rewarding job experience.

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World Consumer Day: Celebrating Our Role in the Global Marketplace

On 15 March each year, World Consumer Day celebrates the power of the consumer and their role in the global marketplace. Established by the United Nations in 1983, World Consumer Day recognizes the importance of consumer rights and highlights their contribution to the economy. This day calls for increased public awareness of the rights and responsibilities of consumers, as well as their contribution to the sustainability of the global economy. As such, World Consumer Day is an important opportunity to reflect on the impact we have as consumers and to look at ways to celebrate our role responsibly.

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Customer Experience research and analysis

According to a recent report by Raydiant, 60.3% of customers abandon a business due to a bad experience. With the potential for high ROI and happier customers, why wouldn’t your company want to pay more attention to what your customers are saying and stand out?

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The end of the year is often associated with increased spending and consumption in retail, especially during the holiday gift-giving season. Find out how a very special segment is preparing for this festive time! BARE shares an article on consumption this holiday season.

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Customer Expereince Research

The race to own customer experience is on! Customer experience research (CXR) is the process of collecting data regarding the experience customers have with a company. As straightforward as it may sound, CXR is a complex equation that goes as deep as the data will allow.

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Halloween 2022: Consumer Spend Up This Year

We are getting closer to this celebration that year after year motivates more people to go out and enjoy diverse activities. BARE shares an article on consumer predictions for this festivity.

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Hotel Customer Service in the COVID-19 Era

There’s no doubting that COVID-19 has changed customer service forever. BARE shares an excerpt from SiteMinder on the points to take into account to meet guest expectations and achieve full customer satisfaction.

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Audits in the Food Industry

Good Manufacturing Practices, commonly known as GMP, maintain the integrity of the final products. They ensure that the highest standards are met while carrying out sound operations. 

These practices are just as important in the food industry as in the manufacturing industry. Especially with the rise of consumer awareness and food safety issues, consumers expect businesses to take responsibility for conforming to all food safety, quality, and consumer attribute requirements. 

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How to boost Customer Experience in 2022

The evolution of technology has left major changes permeating business models and consumer habits in the aftermath of the pandemic. One of the most obvious is the shift to digital. BARE shares an article from El Telégrafo on the omnichannel experience.

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